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Grab this good-as-new MacBook Air deal for just $329 – limited time offer

This refurbished MacBook Air is now on sale for only $329!

Want the classic Apple Macbook experience, but can’t justify the $1000+ price tag? We found the perfect deal for you. You can snag this good-as-new refurbished MacBook Air deal for just $329 this week. That means a whopping 70% off!

Get this deal on Mashable!

MacBook Air on a budget

This mid-2017 MacBook Air doesn’t feature the latest and greatest M-series chip. But it does deliver on the Apple promise nicely — premium and lightweight design, sleek looks, and robust performance. 

With the Intel Core i5 at its heart and Intel 6000 graphics, it breezes through everyday tasks. And you get 128GB of snappy SSD storage. Plus, you can expect a decent one-day battery life. You get 8GB RAM, just like the baseline 2023 MacBook M3 model.

Its screen is a crisp 13.3”  1440×900 display. Binge media with its impressive stereo speaker. And take video meetings with its HD webcam.

All that hardware lives inside a slim and sleek aluminum body. And it comes in a single Silver colorway.

The pre-owned MacBook Air has a refurbished rating of “B”. That means some light scruffing and scratches on the body. The scratches aren’t visible from 2 feet away. And of course, there are no dents or cracks. The “B” rating also means that the battery is at the very minimum, at 70% health.

But the performance and hardware are solid — Mashable has inspected and tested each unit. And only the ones working in mint condition are being shipped.

The sale ends soon

This is an exclusive, limited-time-only deal though. The sale ends on November 16, 11:59 PM PT. So you have 4 days to get the 72% off. After this MacBook Air deal expires, the retail price will jump back to $1,199.

Get this deal on Mashable!

Mashable is also offering returns and refunds within 30 days of buying the laptop. It helps ease that worry of buying a pre-loved product.

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