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Top Black Friday Laptop Deals You Can Score Today

3 hot Black Friday laptop deals before the big day!

Black Friday is almost here and retailers across the internet have already begun to offer massive discounts on their products. If you’ve been waiting and thinking about pulling the trigger on a new laptop, there’s no better time than now. Below we’ve listed some of the absolute best Black Friday laptop deals that you don’t want to miss.

HP OMEN 16 Gaming Laptop

Top Black Friday Laptop Deals You Can Score Today
Credits: HP

This absolute titan of a gaming laptop is a must-have for the gamer that wants the best without breaking the bank. With a 16.1-inch 1080p 144Hz screen, you will have a breathtakingly lifelike and buttery smooth gaming experience on the go.

The laptop also comes with a very decent 1TB SSD and 16 gigs of RAM. But the cherry on top is the RTX 4050, a portable graphics card powerful enough to run modern AAA titles at Ultra settings and over 60 frames a second.

The currently listed deal offers a whopping $400 discount, bringing the laptop down to a very respectable $999 for a machine packed with power.

Check out this deal on BestBuy!

IdeaPad Flex 5

Top Black Friday Laptop Deals You Can Score Today
Credits: Lenovo

If you’re not in the market for a gaming laptop, and instead want a sleeker experience for work and media consumption, the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 is an excellent choice. The laptop has a big 16-inch 1080p+ 60Hz display ideal for watching movies or streaming videos.

The screen can be bent all the way back for tablet mode, which should also let you know that the display supports touch inputs. You get a digital pen with the laptop and, given how thin and light the whole thing is, you can very comfortably use said pen for work or artistic hobbies.

The laptop also has a very welcome 16 gigs of RAM and can have up to a Terabyte of solid state storage. Lenovo promises over ten hours of battery life and rapid charging as well. Most interestingly however, with the laptop starting at just over $450, Lenovo promises savings of up to 43% of the actual price.

Check out this deal on Lenovo!

M2 MacBook Pro 14

Top Black Friday Laptop Deals You Can Score Today
Credits: Apple

If you’re heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, or simply want a macOS device instead of Windows, B&H Photo Video is offering some very appealing deals.

Black Friday is usually the best time to buy Apple devices; as that is one of the rare occasions you will find them at discounted prices. With the very recent release of the new M3 MacBooks, it’s worth considering buying an M2 device for a cheaper cost. The M2 MacBook Pro only barely lags behind the M3 MacBooks, and offers all the beautiful craftsmanship and power you’ve come to expect from a MacBook.

For specific configurations, B&H Photo Video is offering discounts up to $200. So don’t be afraid to play around with the specs options in case you can find a perfect, budget-friendly match.

Check out this deal on B&H!

As Black Friday nears, more vendors are going to start offering discounts on even more products, and we’ll be updating you as they do so keep checking back our news page for more doorbuster deals.

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